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Custom design for SOUNDBOKS


STEP 1: Design

Insert you picture on the SOUNDBOKS. Adjust by dragging and scaling your design to make it fit on the SOUNDBOKS. You can also add text, colors and more to your design so be creative!

Need help?

Get help by a graphical designer by uploading your design or picture with our formula:

For optimal print outcome please go to: “how to get the best print possible“.

STEP 2: Preview

You will now have a preview of your design that is made on a scale of 1:1 to the real SOUNDBOKS.

If you’re happy with your result, simply add the design to you cart.

Examples of previews:


Choose whether you want to take the application process into your own hands or swing by one of our authorized applicators.

95% of our customers take the application process into their own hands by following our guides: 

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If you want to hire an authorized applicator contact us trough e-mail, and deliver your SOUNDBOKS at Frederiksberg or Hørsholm by appointment and pick it up the next day.

OPTIMAL Settings

For optimal print outcome please go to: “how to get the best print possible“.


All prices include free shipping and professional graphical work

  • Custom Grill: 599DKK  |  80€
  • Custom Fullpack (grill, backside, top, left side and right side): 1199DKK   |   160€ 



When the foil is proccesed here at Soundframe, the foil is cut to fit the Soundboks. In a collaboration with SOUNDBOKS we are able to cut the foil using the exact measurements for the Soundboks. 


When it comes to quality, the foil we use are made to last 4-5 years of outdoor use. The foil is handpicked specific for the SOUNDBOKS. It is durable, withstand spills and is stretchy to compensate for that every SOUNDBOKS is build a little different.


Do you want to customize your SOUNDBOKS your way? We can make it happen! Send us an image and our graphical team will give you a preview of the design completely free of charge.

Vi svarer også på dansk, så vær’ ikke bange for at skrive til os!

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