LED KIT FOR SOUNDBOKS including everything you need to have your SOUNDBOKS hooked up with LED!

      •  Plays accordingly to the music
      •  Integrated app to control the lights
      •  Connects via. SOUNDBOKS battery
      •  IP65 rated waterproof LED
      •  Plug & play
      •  16.700.000 color combinations




Our LED KIT lets you take the party up a notch. With LED lights following every beat of the music, you’ll be lighting up the floor with a bang! The included custom app, which controls the LED lights, lets you create just the right atmosphere for your event.

Application made simple

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But how do I connect the LED KIT to my SOUNDBOKS? The application is easy and simple. Just follow the step-by-step guide and your SOUNDBOKS should be hooked up with LED in no time!
Everything you will need for the application comes with the LED KIT

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To live up to the standard of the SOUNDBOKS, we haven’t cut on quality. The LED strip is a high-quality IP65 waterproof strip. Furthermore, the LED is connected through the SOUNDBOKS battery, to sustain the portability of the SOUNDBOKS. The controller, which has an in-built microphone, are keeping the LED lights in sync with the music and is configured so that it can be controlled through Bluetooth. All of the above makes an easy and intuitive way to connect your SOUNDBOKS with LED.


SOUNDBOKS ApS regarding the use of LED for your SOUNDBOKS: You can use a splitter for the battery (to add lighting) as long as you don’t alter the electricity or cabling of the speaker, your SOUNDBOKS will still be under warranty. However, SOUNDBOKS does not cover issues that may occur during usage and installation. 

Link: https://www.soundboks.com/blog/article/customize-blinded-by-the-light/ 


In the LED KIT, made by Soundframe, there will be no altering of electricity and a splitter will be used for the battery.

For further details please read our Terms & Conditions.